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Bottled Poetry

"Wine is bottled poetry."  Robert Louis Stevenson is credited with first coming up with this noble thought, and it's been as true for all succeeding generations as it was for his own.  Wine can be magical, serving as an anchor in our memories for particularly enjoyable dinners and encounters, or any number of special occasions.  Wine brings people together, and it seems to remind us all--especially in this age of ubiquitous email and cell phones--that some of the best things in life come into view only when we slow down and relax. 


The purpose of our Bottled Poetry Chronicles is very simple: to share meaningful stories about wine.  This heavenly nectar has been enjoyed for thousands of years, and the stories it has inspired are plentiful.  So please feel free to share with us your special stories in which wine plays a role.  We welcome them all, whether serious or comical, happy or sad, instructive or whimsical.  Stories of wine are, in many ways, stories of life. 


What are some examples of interesting wine stories?

 • a lasting friendship that arose from a shared bottle of wine

 • the time you sent back a bottle of wine at a restaurant

 • the pretentious snob who talks about "hints of cassis, saddle leather, and vegetal residue" in wine

  the picnic when you forgot the glasses, and passed the bottle back and forth so all could take a swig

 • the time you poured the surprisingly decent jug wine into the LaTour bottle and served it to guests

 • the unique surprise and joy at tasting a mouthful of pure perfection

 • and wherever else wine may play a role.  Surprise us!


We welcome and look forward to your stories, and encourage you to share as many as you can.  And remember, as Clifton Fadiman said, "A bottle of wine begs to be shared."  And that goes for wine stories, too!  Tell us your story

Please make sure to sign up on the 800wine home page, and submit your stories here.  Help inspire others to enjoy the wonderful world of wine!




Bottled Poetry

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